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Solid Partition System
Solid Wall

Solid Wall is a traditional partition wall unit, 100 mm thick, to be fitted with accessories and proposed in 3 versions: wooden solid, single glass and double glass. It is composed of an inner supporting structure in zinc-coated vertical and horizontal profiles and it is fitted with infill modules, 50/100/150/200 cm wide, that are fixed by a snap system by harmonic steel springs that are pre-inserted in free positions into the perimetric cutting of the panels.

Light wall 75
Light wall 75


  • 1 The modular system of the partition wall allows traditional installations, strictly aligned and symmetrical, or innovative proposals with variable pitch elements, different in size, shape or material.
  • 2 Wall abutment for an optimal connection, to compensate the out of plumb masonry.
  • 3 Monolithic 90° corner, for stable and precise alignments.
  • 4 Variable angles with composed profiles for the adjustment of the inclinations.
  • 5 Alternation of modules, solid and glazed, according to traditional or innovative sequences, to achieve the required distribution of empty and full effects.
  • 6 Aluminium bottom track, a resistant and easy-to-clean base, a finishing floor and ceiling profile with aesthetic and structural function.

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